Not many people choose to road trip solo but Elisabeth hit the road in Huey and discovered quiet times on the road were the perfect antidote to a busy life.  We chatted to Elisabeth about her trip in Huey and she shared her highlights and tips for others considering hiring a campervan:

Firstly tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a single mama to the most precious little girl, slaving away as a legal secretary while completing a law degree part-time. Lover of acoustic, sunsets, the ocean, and a misty hillside.

Where did you go on your trip in Huey?
A beautiful assortment of East Coast locations! I left the Sunshine Coast and made my way to Byron Bay, whites beach, Nambucca Heads, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Forster, Nelson’s bay and Amy’s bay before making my way back up with a stop in at Dorrigo National Park and it’s beautiful surrounds.

What was the highlight of your road trip?
Having an entire beach to myself and watching the sunrise, finding beautiful spots that were away from the mainstream tourist hotspots, magical misty hinterland drives, lazing in the back of Huey with a glass of wine as the ocean serenaded me with her song and the sky changed colours from fire to starlight.

Where would you recommend others to visit?
Whites Beach was definitely worth the gravel road drive through some windy forestry. It’s a little hike down a cliff but once you are there, you’re in a beautiful secluded area and when the tides out there are a few magical rock pools to take a dip in!  Stockton Sand Dunes in Amy’s Bay is also a phenomenal sight and there are a few tours you can go on (sadly the day I went it was raining and overcast, but it’s absolutely on my list to go back and take a tour on the camels!) Dorrigo National Park & it’s surrounds looks like absolute magic on a misty/rainy day & is such a beautiful contrast to the coastline just on the other side of the highway.

What tips would you give someone who has never hired a camper van before?
Embrace it for all that it is. If you see a view, stop, reverse up and take the time to lay back and soak it in. Forget deadlines and itinerary’s and just get lost, you stumble across the most fantastic places when you’re open to the road.

Any essentials you packed for your trip?
Wine & a good book! Once I was settled in for the night, it was a sunset view, dinner, wine, and a good read.

How did you find travelling alone and what would you say to others considering it?
I loved it and I would do it again and again! People were so accommodating, particularly ol’ Mike at the Big4 Park beach caravan park in Coffs Harbour. He knew I was travelling solo and he made sure I was set up in an area close to the amenities, close to lights that stayed on till 10pm and away from any riff-raff. He did drive by’s on his little buggy to check on me a few times and was an absolute gem. Travelling alone can be an intimidating idea, but it was one of the most empowering, freeing experiences I’ve had to date. Cast fear and doubt aside and just go for it! We have some of the most beautiful beaches and hinterland in the world right here in our backyard and I’m so glad I got out there to see it & didn’t let the fact that I was solo hold me back from experiencing it.

Huey was such a great choice for my trip & I’ll most definitely be back to drifters again for him, even if it’s just a weekend trip. He’s stylish, comfortable, practical & Erin & James really did think of everything you might need for whatever adventure you find yourself on! 

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All photos by Elisabeth and you can find her on Instagram: @elisabethmay